Choose the Right Sunglasses For Your Face Type

Picking out the proper sun shades can be a problem once in a while. If you realize your face type and what sorts of sun shades move fine with it, but, could make purchasing for shades a chunk easier. To determine your kind, trace an outline of it on a replicate with a non-permanent marketplace. Look at the resulting outline.

If your outline’s cheekbone place is wider than your forehead and jaw region, and if your face is as long as it’s miles wide, usual, you then have round type. If your prescription cat eye sunglasses face is roughly as huge as it’s far long and your jaw, cheekbones and brow are all simply as extensive, you’ve got a rectangular type. If your jaw, cheekbones and brow are all just as huge however your face is longer than it’s far wide, you have square face. If your face is oval formed, you’ve got an oval kind. If your brow is drastically wider than your jaw, you’ve got a coronary heart-shaped kind.

As a ways as size, the basic rule is that if you have big face, buy large sunglasses. If you have got a small face, cross for smaller sunglasses. Here are a few particular kinds that practice to each type.


Oval faces are the most balanced type, usually. They can go with any sort of sun shades. Just make sure the dimensions of the sun shades suits your face length.


Glasses with oval and cat eyes lenses work nicely with square formed faces. The curved lenses help soften the square angles.


People with round faces should keep away from slim shades. Shades that are narrower than the widest a part of your face will only serve to magnify your faces width and roundness. Look for sunglasses that are at least as huge as your face and preferably ones with rectangular lenses.


Long rectangular faces are balanced by means of sunglasses which can be narrower than the face, as such sun shades make the face seem wider. Go for oval formed lenses. Glasses with temple decorations, like studs or rhinestones assist upload to the face-widening effect.

Heart Shaped

Heart fashioned faces look good with aviator glasses, rimless or 1/2-rimmed glasses and cat eyes glasses. These accentuate the eyes and balance the slender jaw line.